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I’m Alison Altmann a performance life coach whose soulful purpose is helping others live a more joyful life. My objective is to coach others by holding space, so they can see themselves as whole and complete while living their best lives. With a background in physical fitness, I bring the element of movement into my coaching arena. I’ve led boot camps among my peers for over 5 years and enjoyed incorporating play into each unique workout. It’s rewarding and fun to see a group of people share and encourage each other while working out. I also do my physical fitness coaching one on one. I provide the right environment for all this to happen. I’m a firm believer that movement helps people to see things with more clarity and focus. Examples of this include taking a walk while coaching or bringing my brand of coaching into someone’s favorite routine. I understand the importance of coaching (I’ve had my own coach for over 8 years) and how the coaching relationship helps people live a more joyful life. I am a true believer that you can’t take someone to their next level unless you have also experienced that feeling yourself. I use accountability in my coaching arena. I help my clients set attainable goals with small, sweet, steps of intention. Through my accountability coaching I help my clients reach their goals and dreams. The joy you are searching for is already within you, with my coaching you can activate that joy! 

Graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in Sociology and studying at the Academy of Coaching Excellence with Maria Namath in Sacramento has given me the skill set needed to be a successful life coach. I’m available to see each person as unique, with his or her own personality and gifts to share. I have worked with a variety of issues that people bump into, time management, relationships, physical fitness goals, career changes to name a few. It’s a magical moment when I can help another human being see that they capable of getting out of their own way to experience their true self, and to feel how powerful they truly are. I simply hold the space and ask the questions to make claiming your joy a reality. Being a life coach for over 5 years is the most rewarding job I can imagine.

As a 4th generation Californian raised in the Central Valley, I reside in sunny Santa Cruz with my husband and cat. Santa Cruz is a perfect spot to be outdoors and near the ocean for a coaching session. I meet with my clients one on one in my home office, outside, and by phone or Skype. Contact me to set up a session today!

— Coach Ali



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I was introduced to Ali from an old friend some years ago and couldn’t be more happy we met. She’s a great spirit and it’s very obvious she genuinely cares for her clients. My wife & I talk to Ali from a couple counseling perspective...she’s helped us tremendously. We always feel so much better after spending an hour with Ali.

I contacted Ali for help as I had become deeply anxious and depressed. My brother referred me to her telling me that she could help me live a more enriched life. We spoke every week for about a year and she pulled me out of my depression. We worked together on ways to help me get out as I was the last single one among all married friends. She taught me to be happy on my own and promised that this was the first step in feeling better about myself and in opening the door to love. I did EVERYTHING she told me to do as well as read all the books she recommended. She saved me and ultimately things fell into place and I found the love of my life and we are now planning our wedding.
I recently started back up with Ali as my father is sick with ALS. She is helping me to cope with the effects this has on me and my family. Ali is a great listener and always has sound advice. I’m so thankful for her as a coach and a loving friend.
Ali…Thank you so much for the guidance and support. I was in the Darkest of places and you showed me that I was worthy of happiness and self love above all else. Having you be my Champion and giving me the tools,to deal with my issues were everything in the world to me. I am so much better and will always be Thankful for your kindness and thoughtfulness.
Bottom line: If I can change my profound resistance to exercise, anyone can. With Ali’s skill, heart, and patience, my past twenty years of poor exercise habits are being transformed into a sustainable program of enhanced health. But beyond all the external successes, the most priceless gift of all has been Ali’s magical ability to encourage the growth of a sense of joy and optimism in my life.
Ali is so wonderful in so many ways! I owe so much of my happiness and current contentment to her. I have struggled with anxiety/depression for years and hit a low a while back. Ali was there every time I needed her, reminding me I was ok, and providing me with comfort time and time again. I don’t live close to her so she offered me phone sessions which was so great and convenient for me. She takes the time to get to know you, and truly cares about helping anyway she can. She was the comfort and peace I needed in the midst of my chaos and am so much stronger now!
“I attended a boot camp that Ali lead (and when I first started attending), I was nervous as I never did boot camp before. Ali lead with a style that gently pushes you beyond your comfort zone, but not in an intimidating environment; only positive encouragement that makes you want to see what you can accomplish. It was a very fulfilling use of time, and we still work out together.”
It was a pleasure working with Ali over the phone even though our interaction was limited. Ali is always friendly and positive and open-minded about our discussions. She helped me to fit exercise into my life so that I was able to find time to enjoy the exercise I did every week. The most significant lesson learned from her was how to always focus on the positive in any situation, for example, if I only took my walks 2 times a week to focus on that success rather than on the 2 I didn’t do. My attitude has changed because of that simple adjustment and made me a happier and more optimistic individual.
Ali has a combination of rare qualities that make her both an exceptional Health and Wellness coach and a highly special person. She is not only a superbly knowledgeable and skilled leader in her field but also a compassionate collaborator with her clients. She not only has the ability to effectively present her own expertise, but can also deftly elicit the “body” of self-knowledge that her clients possess. She naturally intertwines a keen command of her professional skills with a deep understanding of the human heart/psyche to bring about effective and lasting changes. She adeptly identifies a client’s obstacles to health (without judgement!) while finding a way to develop new behaviors.


$75 for 1 hour
$40 for 1/2 hour


My goal is to help individuals find their passion, live a more fulfilled, more joyful life, and assist with any other coaching they need. Nobody has a problem too big or too small. Inquire today to see if coaching would be a good fit.


My goal for couples is to help them see each others strengths and grow together. While not a couples therapist, I have helped many couples and find this approach very helpful and rewarding.

accountability coaching

My goal is to help individuals find their passion, live a more fulfilled, more joyful life, and assist with any other coaching they need. Nobody has a problem too big or too small. Inquire today to see if coaching would be a good fit.

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My goal is to help individuals find their passion, live a more fulfilled, more joyful life, and assist with any other coaching they need. Nobody has a problem too big or too small. Inquire today to see if coaching would be a good fit.

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